Robert’s Grand Day Out

I stayed overnight at the hospital last night so we could leave for home as soon as Robert felt like it. He had to wait around for his morning medication, and then get his “take outs” for the day. Curfew was easygoing, the nurse said “Anytime before 9PM.”

He had another UTI, though, which they were treating with Levaquin. Robert knows from experience that some of his UTIs don’t even notice Levaquin. He may as well be taking M&M candies for all the good it does. But when the culture comes back early next week, the doctor will know what exactly is causing the infection (E. coli? something else?) and will be able to treat it more appropriately. But for now, they’ve prescribed the Levaquin.

I went ahead and got him started on D-Mannose, which is a natural sugar, so it’s easy on the diabetic. It’s great for a UTI. I used to be plagued with them all the time, at least four or five times a year. Until I started taking D-Mannose. It was the best $35 I ever spent. I haven’t had an UTI since, and it’s been almost two years.

It’s been developed by Dr. Jonathan Wright, a Tacoma, Washington, physician. Read about it here. It’s not junk science at all. But if it completely eliminates recurring bladder infections, can you see why the medical community wouldn’t be all that interested in touting its effectiveness?

Enough about that. About Robert’s day out. He had me cruise down 288 (South Freeway) just because he wanted to see how the car rode. He hadn’t been in it before, except once last week to practice a car/wheelchair transfer. But we didn’t go anywhere, obviously. He enjoyed his ride and we then came home. It was a piece of cake getting the wheelchair in the back door. He was able to move around the kitchen, hallway and elsewhere. The only problem is going to be our teeny-tiny bathroom. But the Occupational Therapy Department at TIRR is working on solutions to that for us.

I fixed him the lunch he had requested when he first knew he was coming home, his favorite salad (in fact, the only salad he will eat!), Hill Country Salad, which is just romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, bacon, hard-boiled egg, fried chicken strips (we cheated and got the chicken tenders from the Church’s drive-through to save time and they were great, plus no mess to clean up!), grated cheddar cheese and (this is crucial) honey mustard dressing.

He had his meal, washed it down with Diet Coke and sat back and watched a little TV and visited with “his” cat, Sunny. Sunny was all over him like a cheap suit. He really missed Robert and it was great to see them interact. The wheelchair confused Sunny a bit. But he’ll get used to it.

Because of the UTI, Robert ran out of steam pretty quickly, so we packed up and headed back to TIRR around 4PM. I think Robert enjoyed getting out of the hospital for awhile. And the weather? We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day if we’d ordered it out of a catalog! The fates were definitely smiling down on us today, considering how ugly and wet and dreary this past week has been!


Linda H. Johnson
What a great visit Roberto had at home. And Joni, you’re a very good writer. I could see the two of you cruising on the freeway and I could imagine Sunny all over my brother.
I hope Roberto will be able to hold his food down. It sounds like he’s not having an easy time of things just now. Please tell him I’m continuing to pray for him daily.
And thank you for keeping us posted through this website. It’s awesome!
Way cool site and good news. Glad Roberto is able to move around and that they let him out now and then. Keep up the progress bro!
As to this site, I love it. This is great because I had called the room a couple times and no one picked up.
Had not had a chance to check it out as I went out east the day I got it and was just able to read the message before I bugged out. With the security overkill at the airports I didn’t take the laptop. It was a mess in DC and here it was probably worse. Ice everywhere. Had to bribe the cab driver(Mycki wouldn’t dare drive down the ridge) with a good tip if he made it to the top.
The guy was cool and just gave me a stack of blank receipts for me to fill in whatever. That works I told him. Anywho, now that I’m back will be checking it out daily.
Thanx Joni and Roberto, keep up the progress.

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