Hospital Update

Robert is doing much, much better. I have been staying overnight since he got to St. Luke’s Wednesday morning. All the tests they’ve conducted (ultrasound [kidneys], echocardiogram [heart], MRI [brain, spine], CT scan [head/brain]) have come back negative. And it looks like they are getting his kidney problem under control. He’s got his appetite back and is eating and drinking, not Robert’s usual portion size, but at least he IS eating and drinking again!

I can tell he’s pretty much back to his old self. Before, he wasn’t interested in reading the newspaper or watching much television. He was pretty out of it on Monday and Tuesday. So I was very happy when I walked in last night and he was watching a basketball game on TV and had been listening to his Walkman. He ate the snacks they have been bringing him, his blood sugar numbers have been in a good range too.

Perhaps things are looking up.


Great news Joni! I hope it will stay good from here on out. Give bro my regards.
Out here we are in the deep freeze with 20F right now and expecting single digits for overnight.
Linda H. Johnson
It’s wonderful to hear some good news about Roberto’s recovery! Thanks, Joni.
I’m still planning on going to visit during Spring Break, which is the week of Mar 15. I’m not sure of the exact date yet because we have to take Carlos, our grandson, to Lubbock first. When I have a date firmed up, I’ll notify you.
Give my love to Roberto and tell him I’m praying for him.