Moving Forward

Robert is still at Kindred. He’s days away from being moved to Heartland, a “sniff” (Skilled Nursing Facility a/k/a nursing home) for follow up wound care and IV therapy. He’ll undergo some more occupational and physical therapy to get him back up to a level he was at when he was at TIRR. But according to the insurance company case worker, he’s lost so much ground during his setback in February that he’s not yet a candidate to go back to TIRR. So he’ll go home and receive home therapy for awhile. Then (I believe?) he’ll receive outpatient physical therapy at TIRR.

We are in the process of ordering his wheelchair and accessories for the bathroom (transfer bench). The bathroom is being remodeled to widen the doorway and add a threshold ramp so a wheelchair can move easily over it.

The insurance company has said that they would provide (temporarily) a hospital bed until Roberto is strong enough to move himself about in the bed. So for now, I’m going to be storing our second mattress and box springs until we don’t need the hospital bed anymore.

As David Bowie sang, “Ch, ch, ch, changes….”