Heartland, Here We Come!

The doctor at Kindred Hospital had Robert undergo an echocardiogram to examine his heart muscle and valves to be sure there was no ongoing infection. That happened on Tuesday. The results were negative; the infection is gone.

This afternoon, after lunch, he will go to Heartland. It’s a bit of a drive, but I don’t mind because it’s an excellent facility. He gets good wound care there, a private room, nice meals, and it’s very conducive to recovery.

From there, three or four weeks from now, depending on his progress, he’ll come home. (Yay!)

The bathroom redo has stalled out as the contractor is waiting for some kind of special hinge for the pocket door he’s putting in. Once the hinge arrives, he can finish up laying the tiles back on the floor where the linen cabinet used to be, putting on the door, painting the trim and such as that.

Soon we will be ordering Robert’s wheelchair and shower chair.