Home Is Where the Heart(land) Is

Robert got to Heartland after lunch today. He was kind of disappointed to be sharing a room with someone. A grumpy old man who flirted shamelessly with the nurses but who, wisely, did not attempt to strike up a convo with Robert.

As long as Robert has been in the hospital, he has been isolated (i.e., been in a room by himself). We are not sure why this is, but because we love our privacy, we don’t question it. I get to stay over. I can come in later than normal “visiting hours” end usually around 9PM.

All those things are hard to do with a room-mate to consider. Plus, they have to share a TV. It’s a sure bet this GOM (Grumpy Old Man) won’t share the same viewing preferences as Robert. Well, all I can say is, “Life’s rough, ain’t it?!”

Kidding aside, he will need to concentrate on building up his strength and stamina, not laying about watching TV all day and half the night. Since I can’t stay over, and since Heartland is SO FAR AWAY from our home and downtown, our time together during the week will be sparse.

It’s only for three weeks, four at the most. Then he’ll be home and he can start living in earnest. Plus, he’d been hinting that he might want to check out a Sony Playstation 2. So I went out last night and bought one for him. Now I have to figure out how to hook the darn thing up. Shhhh!! It’s a surprise!


Linda H. Johnson
Glad to hear Roberto is out of the hospital and doing better. Sorry about the GOM. Sometimes what is perceived as grumpiness turns out to be a front put on to keep others from getting too close, fear of getting hurt, etc. Maybe this roommate will turn out to be a friend. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Give Roberto my love.