Un Mas Dia

And one more night of being alone in the house. Robert’s durable medical equipment arrived today:

  1. Hospital bed with motorized head and foot, and an Invacare MicroAir 3500S low pressure mattress to prevent pressure wounds.
  2. Wheelchair with roho (not rojo!) cushion.

I’ve got the sheet (twin) on the bed, his pillows (including the two brand new $79-each pillows I extorted from the furniture company when they messed up the order on my new mattress/box springs last November), his sheet and a nice chenille bedspread. If you ignore the gleaming silver side rails and the hissing of the air mattress, it’s just like home!

After my Z Club of Houston meeting tomorrow night (I have to be there; I’m a board member), I race over to Heartland (ETA 9:30 p.m.) to get Robert and bring him home! Yay!