Homecoming King (and Queen)

Thursday was a hectic day. Not only was it the last day at my desk at work, but I had a Z Club of Houston meeting that I couldn’t get out of. After that, I raced over to Heartland to pick up Roberto for his ride home, a moment I’d been eagerly awaiting.

We got home okay, got him settled into the bed. Amazingly, he slept like a baby his first night home, partly because the air mattress that came with the bed cushioned him.

He was sent home with tons of pills and we have our schedule set up for taking them. I also have a schedule for mealtimes, checking/changing the cath bag (urine), and checking for stool. (A glamorous job, that one!)

So far, things have been going like clockwork. The temporary wheelchair the insurance company had delivered is a bit wider than the Quickie IIs that we were used to at TIRR. So it’s a bit harder to navigate them in the fairly narrow hallways of our apartment. But we did have an outing yesterday (Saturday). We went to Walgreen’s to fill a prescription for insulin and then went “joy riding” around the neighborhood that Robert hadn’t seen since last September, almost seven months ago.

Today, Easter Sunday, we’ve just finished lunch, he’s had a small snack, has been up in his wheelchair for a few hours and is now back in the bed watching sports.

Part of his routine is getting up and sitting in his chair for several hours in the morning and several hours in the evening. Getting in and out of the wheelchair to the car is considered by both me and him as a workout. I don’t know if the physical therapist would agree, though!

Will write more next week. Happy Easter, everyone.