I just hope Robert doesn’t have to celebrate his birthday in the hospital and that we have good news by that time. That would be a nice present.


Hello Bro,
Que pasa?
Hope that another abscess is not forming and hope you heal from the infection quickly. Si no es una cosa es otra, right?
Hope you guys don’t think I was blowing off checking on you as it’s been some time since I posted anything on here but I’d been out of cyberspace as my other computer crapped out on me and I got a new Dell Dimension 2400 just this past week and I love it. I’d been out of the loop for over a month.
Mycki has been down in SA since the first week of April helping her dad and I was going to drive down the first week of May as her sis in law is getting her master degree in computer science May 8 and wanted her to be there. I was planning on swinging by Houston on the return, BUT, Enrique broke his arm last night playing Spider Man before going to bed so it was off to the ER for him in his pajamas. So now they are coming back tomorrow in the am. 2 weeks in ET’s condition was a little too much.
Will try later in the summer when ET’s cast is off and he finishes pre-kinder summer school. Maybe by then we can work a sort of vacation and not be so much in a hurry and spend a few days in Houston.
Bueno Bro, I hope you heal quickly and hang in there.

Hablamos despues.