Getting Out of the House

On June 23, my employer sponsored a Family Fun Night at Minutemaid Stadium, where we were special guests and got to watch the Astros not win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Oh well!) We feasted on catered “ballpark” fare, juicy hamburgers with all the trimmings, succulent hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, fruit salad, veggie quesadillas, beer, wine, and soft drinks. Even though it was pouring down rain that night, we had been looking forward to this night for quite some time. We had a blast despite the weather. (After all, it wasn’t raining inside the stadium!) Here’s a photo I snapped of Robert enjoying a hot dog and engaged in conversation with a mutual friend.


Cool! 4th. at the ballpark! Doesn’t get better than that during the 4th. It was rain here also. We WERE going to do the Fair Saint Louis, the yearly thing during the 4th here but it was a no go cause of the rain. But it was just as well as I had a brisket going and it came out mmmmmmm delicious! Could cut with a fork. Later guys.
I don’t remember if I posted the message I composed before I went birdwalking into this great website, so her it goes again.

It is wonderful to see Roberto’s picture when you went to Minuteman Stadium. He looks well and, I must say it, even if he’s my brother, he looks very handsome.

I must confess I haven’t been checking out the site for several weeks. I am recovering from surgery to my shoulder and working on the keyboard and using the mouse is painful, still. PT is helping some but I still have a ways to go.

Love to Roberto and best regards to you. Tell him I’m still praying for a miracle or two: that he will believe and that he will be cured. If he keeps himself open to the possibility of the former, he might come to realize the latter.

Love, Linda