Hell on Wheels

Robert got his wheelchair the other day, finally. And man, is it nice. Sitting next to the Invacare 9000 rental (list price, $989), the Tilite SX (base price $3095; final bill to insurance company, $8165) looks like a Lexus sitting next to an old Ford Maverick.

And it makes all the difference in the world in his outlook, and that is priceless! Already today, he’s ventured out to the grocery store with the care giver, and insisted on putting most of the groceries away himself.

The rental chair was a completely inappropriate chair for Robert. It is not a chair for a para, the footrests were huge, the chair was way too wide for him (I suspect it was a bariatric chair), and because our old apartment has fairly narow doorways, he was basically confined to the bedroom unless I wheeled him out (sans footrests).

Me and my toes and my cats and their tails better watch out!! Go, Robert!