A Little of This; a Little of That

Robert has been showing more independence each day. He doesn’t get up and cook dinner every evening, but he gets up and fixes lunch for himself each day. Sometimes, I come home for lunch and we eat together.

This weekend will be our big grocery shopping expedition. That used to be Roberto’s task, one he undertook with relish. He enjoyed getting bargains and he sure knows how to pick delicious, fresh, ripe and juicy fruits of all kinds, peaches, pears, nectarines and especially watermelons.

So this weekend we’re getting our coupons clipped and going down every aisle in search of bargains and that perfect end of summer melon.

He still has problems with neuropath and spasticity, but that comes with the territory. It’s just a matter of figuring out the dosages of medication — and which medications to give — so everything will be on an even keel.

I’m a little sad today myself because it was a year ago this evening when Roberto and I were at the St. Luke’s emergency room trying to find out what was causing his severe side/flank pains. The damn doctor in the ER dismissed my queries about osteomyelitis as being the ravings of a madwoman, dismissed Roberto as just wanting drugs.

Little did the jackass know that less than a month later, Robert would be back in the ER, this time flat on his back and unable to walk. Do I sound bitter? Well, there’s a reason for that.

I’ve told Roberto that I keep this site to update his friends and family. He’s very happy that he has his own domain. I’m going to encourage him to start writing here, instead of me. I think there are probably things he should be sharing with you — or at least things he needs to work through — and what better way than putting pen to paper. Or in cyberspace, keystroke to screen?


Linda Lee
I hope the shopping trip was fun. You’re like me in that respect, Roberto. I love to go to the market and shop for groceries. Many women I know would rather have a root canal, but I thoroughly enjoy it.
Take care, Linda
Linda Lee
I really think Joni is right and you should do your own writing now that you have this way cool domain of your own. You’re a bright enough guy, probably way smarter than you think, and you would enjoy it.
Love, Linda
PS I’m still on your case with the Man upstairs!
Vale mas que no te vayas a fardiar algo en la silla! Jaja!
The grocery store! Since coming back from Oblivia, ahem! I mean Bolivia, I now love going shopping with Mycki. After being down in the 3rd world, I guess being deprived of REAL supermarkets I really appreciate the cleanliness and everything being neatly shelved etc.
On one of my first trips shortly after arriving here in St. Louis, I was sort of forced to go with Mycki to help with Enrique as he was just a little over 3 months old, I remember being in the produce section and what struck me immediately was that everything was real shiny, almost artificial looking, and, there was no smell of rotting stuff as in the open air mercados we had gotten accustomed to. Then a voice came over the PA in that area “Attention please, the produce sprayer will turn on in 30 seconds”. I looked at my watch and sure enough, the mister came on along with the song ‘Singing in the Rain!’ Wow! Only in the USA! I thought I was going to cry. I had not realized all that we’ve been missing while being away from the good ole’ USA. Gotta love this place. I felt like comedian Yuri Yakov when he says “What a country!”
But hey, it’s good to see that you are getting around some and fixing your own stuff to eat.
Well Bro, hope you enjoy getting to go doing some shopping. I do.