Christopher Reeve, RIP

The world, especially those affected by paralysis, mourn the death of actor, director and disability advocate, Christopher Reeve, who died on October 10, 2004. He wasn’t just a Superman. He was a super man.

In the first photo, Reeve as a young mn. In the second, as he is best remembered. Then, after the fall. And the final two photos, you can see how his condition has taken its toll.







Q-Vo folks. Was thinking about you Bro when heard about Superman. I know all his efforts towards the paralysis thing will now come into play with you. Glad to hear you are getting around to messing with the computer. E-mail me sometime. I am sending you a picture of Enrique so be looking for it.
And how about los Stros?! Been wearing the .45s hat you got me way back. Around here nobody, except for die-hard baseball fans know that was the original name of the Astros ball club.
Better get Joni to get your hiney out to vote ABB on election day.
Saludos y abrazos to you and Joni,
Linda Lee
Hey, Roberto,
I’m still waiting to read something that you yourself wrote on your web-site. I’m a patient woman, though, so I’ll keep waiting.
The whole world felt the loss of Christopher Reeve and I’m sure you must have felt it more than most. He should, however, be an inspiration to you. He never gave up hope and he kept working at getting better. You can do no less. Nomas no te me “achicopales,” as they say in the novelas mexicanas. In other words, no te ahuites (sp.?).
Did Fred call you? He asked me for your phone number. He’s working in Tennessee, near Memphis. Can you believe it?
Keep the faith, brother. If you have a bible, read the Book of Job. It might help you to understand God’s ways more.
Love, Linda