Just sitting here thinking about Christopher Reeve and what he must have gone through being a quadraplegic. I’m sure his death gave Robert some food for thought as well. I know Robert was kind of shocked at the condition Reeve was in toward the end. It seemed like he had deteriorated quite a bit. And Robert can certainly relate to the pressure sore. He had a bad one, one that it took months to treat and cure.

Contemplating what Reeve’s life must have been like, even with substantially more financial resources than WE have. It surely was no picnic in any event. He’s a quadraplegic. He has so much less range of motion than Robert. He could not do anything without assistance.

Contrast that with Robert, who can get in and out of bed by himself, toilet himself fairly well, feed himself, cook for himself and me, feed the cats, reposition himself to minimize the occurrence of pressure sores. When viewed from that perspective, I don’t suppose I can grouse too much. (I certainly cannot speak for Robert here, though!)

I know for a fact that today he was in the computer room playing his Links 2001 Golf Sim. And listening to music. How do I know this? Welll, because all my jazz CDs were out of the CD cartridge and his salsa and blues were in their place. So he was in here, jamming and playing his golf game. Good for him! I’m glad to know he gets up and about when I’m gone.