Long Overdue Update

Not much to tell, which in itself is GOOD news, I suppose. Robert has been able to stay out of the hospital, free of urinary tract or other infections. He’s been seeing his doctor regularly, trying to maintain his diet and keep his cholesterol down.

We bought a new barbecue grill the other day and both weekends, Robert has fixed a fine feast. Babyback ribs, sausages, a thick T-Bone steak from the butcher, some inexpensive beek ribs, and some chicken wings. Yum!

I bought him an older (800 MHz) Sony Vaio Laptop, it’s not quite as fast as mine (2.6 GHz), but with it he can surf the Net, check his email, login to our home network, and just piddle around. He’s promised to start learning the Internet and upkeep this site and even has expressed an interest in setting up some other sites where he wants to write. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned!

Our cat, Sunny, is still fat as ever. We lost little Simon, my sweet old Maine Coon, last Thanksgiving. He was getting up in years and it was time. I will miss him so. But Sunny fills the void and has grown closer to both of us.

We still plan to get the Accord converted with hand controls so that Robert can eventually drive again. Right now, we cannot foresee him driving by himself, but it would be nice if we could take turns driving on long road trips. Plus, I know he enjoys driving. Me, I think it is a chore, an ordeal, to be avoided at all costs when possible.

Hopefully the next post you see will be Robert’s!


Linda L. Johnson
Hey, I just got a look at your very nice setup: your laptop and all the accessories! That’s great! You’ll have lots of fun and will learn a lot with the internet. It is full of wondrous things … lots of junk too, but if you become adept, you’ll have a great time. I like the idea of your maybe writing. I remember you were good at that.
I’m glad you’re doing well, staying clear of UTI’s. I hope you’re birthday was a good one and filled with happiness and peace.
Love, Your Sis