Birthday Boy

Today is Robert’s birthday and here are a few photos of but one of his birthday presents, a Sony Vaio FX-250 laptop. It’s not as fast as my Vaio, running 800MHz compared with my 2.6GHz. The hard drive is small, 10GB, but because it is hooked into our wireless home network, he has access to files on my laptop (when it is networked), and the Big Guy (our desktop with two hard drives, one of which is devoted entirely to MP3s). His other present, somewhat visible in the photos below is a Harmon Kardon speaker system complete with subwoofer. Now my boy will have sound too!

We’ve got him set up in the dining room, which we don’t really use for “dining” anyway. I had bought this old piece at auction several years ago for its bookshelf features. Notice the shelves, with sliding glass doors, below. The desktop swings out and up (which is kind of a hindrance). This piece actually did come from England because I remember when I first brought it home and started going over it with Liquid Gold, I found two unused 3 pence postage stamps in a crevice! Note his kewl new ergonomic mouse pad with gel wrist rest. I bought one for me to use at home and one I’m taking to work with me on Monday.

So be warned, he’s armed and considered extremely dangerous! Look out, Internet, here he comes!

Robert's New Laptop, View 1

Robert's New Laptop, View 2

Robert's New Laptop, View 3