Immortal Poem

Besmrtna Pesma, a Poem by Mika Antic, translated from Serbian to English

If they tell you that I have died,
and I was dear to your heart,
then something within you will suddenly turn gray.
Mist on eyelashes.
On a lip an ashy mark.
Have you ever on occasion
wondered what it means to live, say?

If they tell you that I have died,
this is what will be.
A thousand rainbow fishes
will be fluttering through my eye.
And earth will hide me.
And weeds will hide me.
While in the meantime I’ll be
soaring up high… up high.
Do you really think that my hand,
my knee, or my head
could tomorrow turn into
a willow root
or grass?

If they tell you that I have died,
don’t believe it
to die I don’t know how.
I have just dropped by this Earth in passing,
to give you a little wink.
So that I leave behind me something
like a fluttering mark.
Therefore, don’t be sad.
I want so much
to remain in you
foolish and strangely dear to your heart.

At night,
when you lift your eyes up to the sky,
you too give me a wink.
Let it be our secret.
In spite of the gloomy days
whenever you notice a shooting star
making the horizon blush,
remember: that’s actually me,
moonstruck, still flying and living.

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