Photography Services

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Basic Photography

From $155 and Up

The heart of Basic Photography, or better said professional natural light photography, lies in using natural light and simple reflectors. These tools allow me to shape and control the light that’s already present. Reflectors help me bounce existing light to gently fill in shadows, soften harsh contrasts, and enhance specific details. This subtle control helps create balanced and beautiful images. In those rare instances where a little more light is crucial, I might introduce a single flash, but always with the goal of maintaining that natural, unforced look. This approach is a core part of my photography services.

Food Photography | Sushi Grand Sushi 09

Flash Photography

From $198 and Up

Unlike my ‘Basic Photography’ approach, which centers on natural light and subtle enhancements, my ‘Professional Photography’ service within my broader Photography Services utilizes studio-quality flash strobes as the primary light source. This transition to strobes opens up a vast array of creative possibilities. I can meticulously shape the light, create dramatic effects with shadows and highlights, and achieve looks that would be difficult or impossible with natural light alone.

Portrait Photography | Daniel 16

Luxury Photography

From $1000 and Up

Within my photography services, Luxury Photography (or High-End Photography) transcends simply capturing an image; it’s about bringing a creative vision to life. I collaborate closely with a dedicated team, including an art director, stylists (such as food stylists or wardrobe stylists), and makeup artists, to curate a luxurious and visually stunning experience. Every element, from concept to lighting to the finest details of styling, is meticulously considered to create images that are nothing short of masterpieces. This style of photography excels in scenarios such as:

  • Culinary Photography: Where meticulously crafted compositions, perfect lighting, and expert styling elevate food to an art form, ideal for advertising or editorial purposes.
  • Luxury hotel imagery: Where every detail, from the architecture to the curated room settings, conveys a sense of refinement and impeccable service.
  • Automotive advertising: Where the car is meticulously staged to emphasize its sleek design, power, and aspirational qualities.
Car Photography | Dodge Challenger 01